Tombstone Canyon Ride Report

May 21, 2015 0 870 Views

Saturday May 16th, 2015
26 machines
34 people
(31 members and 3 guests)
We began the ride right on time immediately after the safety briefing. The temperature was below normal and the sky partly cloudy with a nice breeze. It also rained pretty good the day before so dust wasn’t a problem. We climbed up to the Cedar Pocket overlook and had spectacular views of the Virgin Gorge. Bruce Floyd spotted a very healthy Gopher snake and we got some pictures of it. Alexandra Edmond celebrated her 11th birthday with us today and shared her birthday cupcakes with everybody. Thanks Alex!
We continued our climb up to 7000′ elevation and had lunch in a peaceful area in the tall pine trees. It was kind of cold and a couple people weren’t dressed for it but everyone else seemed fine. After lunch, we began our ride back down to lower elevations where it was a little warmer. We pulled into an area that acts as a natural cistern to capture rain water and formed a big loop of riders around the perimeter for a photo opportunity. This is when the unthinkable happened. One of our members (and I won’t mention any names but her initials are DW) decided to break away from the pack to find out how deep the mud is by the waters edge. Let’s just say it’s a good thing she had her flag attached. Roger got to test out his new winch and pulled her out without too much trouble. While this was going on, we had more drama going on at the other end of the water hole. Another member (remember, no names but her initials are SL) decided to go on foot to help DW and not even halfway there, she sunk down in the mud clear up to her hips. When the laughter subsided, the cameras came out. Good times. From here, back to the trucks. Didn’t see any deer, but lots of cattle. Back at the trucks, we took a break and some of the group called it a day and loaded up. The rest of us took a fun 10 mile loop down to the Virgin River. It was sunny and 80 degrees here so all the jackets came off. We took a fun, narrow twisty canyon back to the trucks. It was a great day and everyone had a good time. Everyone did a great job watching at the turns and nobody got separated, so I’d like to say thanks to everybody for paying attention and helping to make this ride so enjoyable.
Hopefully lots of pictures will be posted on the website.
See you on the trails! Mike and Lynn

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