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Off-Roaders in Nevada now require registration

Nevada will now require all off-roaders to register and title their toys. State lawmakers say we’ve failed to capitalize on a sport that has some serious traction.

They believe the new rules not only protect taxpayers and as News 3’s Mackenzie Warren explains, will give the industry a jump-start.

It’s the “wild, wild west”—where ATVers know Nevada for its wide open desert trails. And until now, we were the only western state that didn’t make riders register or title their toys. Beginning July 1st it’ll cost $20 to register your 4-wheeler. Paul Jackson, who chairs the “Commission on Off-highway Vehicles,” says it’s a small price to protect taxpayers.

“Anytime more people come to the state and pay money that means more services are available for the same amount of taxes you’re paying,” Jackson says. The majority of the fee will trickle right back down to riders to improve trails and facilities.

Dealers, like Dan Boyle, say it’s about time. “The first thing they do is they make us equally competitive.” Boyle owns ProShop Motorsports and Marine on West Lake Mead. Outdoor toys are his bread and butter but insists this isn’t just about his bottom line.

“In the past people could leave the state, go buy a machine, not pay sales tax in the other state and not pay tax in their home state. Then, both states lose out on sales tax revenue,” explains Boyle.

So just how much money are we talking about? “In the last ten years that’s $35 million the state of Nevada has lost,” he says. But it’s not just the dealers and the state who stand to gain but the owners. For the first time ever, when you buy an off road vehicle in Nevada you’ll now have theft protection—by giving law enforcement a paper trail to track stolen ATV’s.

“They’re as expensive as small cars and you have no protection if it’s not titled. It’s like your lawn mower. Someone can steal it, take it, and there is no registration and no history.” Boyle knows his customers tend to be suspicious of Uncle Sam. “You don’t like the government until somebody steals your ATV and then you want help.” Now, the idea is these new regulations will help steer our state in the right direction.

Source: My News 3

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