Sand Hollow, Utah Ride Report 04-25 & 26 2015

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Saturday 04-26-15   We had 23 riders signed up and 19 rigs.

We had our safety briefing and instructions. Took a picture and hit the trail.

It had rained over-night so the sand was nice and firm with no dust. We went thru the tunnel and followed the fence line for a bit until we got to the red rock outcrops at the top of Sand Mountain, overlooking Warner Valley. We rode the crown of the mountain and dipped down into some of the canyons and hideouts for short stops and pictures.

Then we headed to the very top of the mountain, overlooking the sand dunes and the hill climb area of Sand Mountain. We got a light sprinkle of misty rain off and on, just enough to put on rain gear.

One benefit to the damp sand was there was only one stuck rig. We played in the sand or watched others play for a short time and re-grouped for the climb up the rocky trail to “The Flintstone House” for lunch and group pictures.

After lunch we headed out to ride the hilltops and valleys overlooking the valley where the views went on for miles and miles. There were a few bumpy areas but nothing serious.

After the hilltop and ridge ride we went back down the rocky trail and across the sand dunes. We made another short play stop in the sand then returned to camp.

The pot luck dinner was great! There was a little rain but we had awnings from 2 rigs tied together a pop up tent and tables inside trailers so no one got wet. The chefs did a wonderful job. We had grilled sausages of 3 kinds, bacon wrapped asparagus, lasagna, 2 kinds of chicken, stuffing, rice, salads, macaroni salad, and on and on. No-one went away hungry. For sure. We had a campfire under a tent that worked out perfectly. Heard some new stories.

Ride Leader: Roger Walkemeyer

Mid gunner: Lonnie Smith

Tail gunner: Steve Gilla


Sunday 04-27-15   6 rigs.

Today would be little shorter and a little more technical ride with fewer stops. We tried a new shortcut that saved an hour of sand dune crossing to get to our destination of the Honeymoon Trail Pass. (Even with the two oops’s)

There was a lot of around the mountain riding and some steep trails to get over the terraces and down into the valley. From the top it looks like a nice slope to the valley below BUT there are wash outs and rock slides to keep it challenging. NO straight runs down the hill.

We got to the valley and took the graded road a few miles to the trail up the next mountain.

The Honeymoon Trail is the only way over this mountain for 80 to 90 miles. It is safe but not for the faint of heart. 4 wheel low range only. Top speed 10 to 15 mph. But the hill is a blast and the view from the top is breathtaking. The views coming down the mountain go on forever.

We took a faster way back, staying on gravel roads and well-traveled trails as everyone wanted to get back and break up camp before the rangers came. We got back at 1 pm.

Ride Leader: Roger Walkemeyer

Tail gunner: Steve Gilla & Lonnie Smith


Ride report By: Roger Walkemeyer

2012 Polaris XP4 900 - Pro Armor Doors, and Hardness's, Tribal Whip.

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