Sam’s Camp Ride

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SAM’S CAMP 01-27-2013

There were a dozen hardy souls who road in the rain all day long. We were all dressed for it and had a great time, especially with no dust. However we had to improvise and change the route based on the amount of mud we encountered.  Even though it was wet the temp wasn’t bad so we all stayed comfortable. We road 72 miles going to the Davidson grave site, then to the look towers and out house, then onto the rock houses. After that we were going to take the Carp Elgin road but found it to be extremely muddy so we turned back for a half a mile and took the Gourd Springs road to Thule spring and camp shack.

Heading back toward town we took another change of coarse which turned out to be a little challenging due to the washouts we encountered. We ended up at the head end of the Toquope wash. The ride down the sandy wash is always fun and fast. We found a sand dune to climb and play on, and then we headed back to camp. The trail had a steep fairly narrow hill that gave a great view to the valley below. That night at camp we enjoyed some good fellowship, great food, a big campfire and some spirits.

The Sunday ride went to Sugars restaurant in Overton via the Virgin River. We took different trails than I usually take and found some challenging trails and great scenery. We stopped at the double negative, drove by the homestead where someone is building a house on the cliff edge with great views. I don’t know how he is getting to do it without the BLM running him off, but he’s been there for years. On the way back to camp we drove around long enough to get caught in another rain storm so we called it a day.  All in all it was a great weekend despite the weather.

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