Nelson Ride Report

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Nelson Ride Report 03-14-2015

Ride leader: Roger Walkemeyer Tail gunner: Steve Gilla

There were 29 riders signed up and 19 rigs of various species. We had a brief safety and ride information meeting at 9 am and headed out.

We went a couple of miles to the “western movie set” site after going past the helicopter landing pads. There was a short stop for pictures and to make sure everything was firmly attached to the rigs.

We went toward Nelson and up a trail to an old mine site. We turned back and headed to the mountain top radio tower site. We had some problems with people getting separated and I had to go back from the mountain top and get the people that got separated. There was a break for water, snacks, and pictures and we headed out down the mountain.

We came across a small landslide area with a couple of large boulders in the trail that wasn’t there the week before when we pre-rode the trail, so we had to turn around and take a different trail. The plan B trail was fine until some rocks worked loose and caused a bit of rock crawling to get up and over the loosened rocks. Everybody got thru just fine and learned a little about wheel placement when climbing rocks. We had spotters to direct the riders and had no problems.

The next stop was lunch at the BIG ROCK boulder area. Lots of nice nooks, crannies, and shady spots for a break and a little exploring. Leave it to Captain Bob, Ron, and crew to find the perfect ”hidy hole” in the rocks.

After lunch and the group picture, we headed to the top of the “power line road” mountain. Recommended everyone switch to low range 4 wheel drive if available and started down the switchbacks. There were lots of places to stop and take pictures of the breathtaking scenic vistas. You could see for miles in any direction. You could see your fellow riders on the switchbacks ahead of and behind you, mountain tops and valleys, the river from the direction of the Willow Beach area to the Cotton Wood Cove area downstream toward Laughlin.

After the switchbacks we went down a wash all the way to the river and stopped for a break and snacks. Steve got to go for a swim. A bit brisk.

There was another ride up washes and trails as we headed back to camp. One of the rigs had a fuel problem and was towed the last few miles back to home base.

We all got back a few minutes after 3 pm in the correct number of pieces and had a great ride.

I grilled beer marinated Brats on the grill and with lots of help from John Alicandro who grilled the hot dogs, and my niece Julie Smith providing tons of logistic support. She is soo organized.

Many thanks to George Pongracz for “taking one for the team” and having that last Brats.

Roger Walkemeyer

Mid-gunner: Marcel & Arlene Ralbovsky

2012 Polaris XP4 900 - Pro Armor Doors, and Hardness's, Tribal Whip.

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