Nelson Ride Report

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December 19th 2015 Nelson NV Ride

Ride leader- Roger Walkemeyer, Mid gunner- Lonnie Smith, Tail gunner- Captain Bob.

About 8 of us met at the Railroad Pass Casino coffee shop for breakfast little after 6 a.m.

before the ride. Then we all left together and headed to Nelson.

There were 18 adventurous souls ready to brave the weather and enjoy the ride.

Had a brief safety meeting then hit the trail at 9 am.

A little ways down the road we found a lady in distress with a cell phone in her hand trying to

figure out how to get their minivan down the road. We told her to turn it around and head back

to pavement because minivans don’t survive well here!

We carried on down to the river and took a group photo then left the river and went to the

base of the mountain, put it in 4 wheel low range and went up one side of the mountain and

made sure to hit every switchback all the way over the top and down the other side till we

found a perfect spot for lunch.

After a short lunch break, since everybody was saving space for the BBQ we went down some

side trails to check out a mineshaft. We wanted to see who the building permit holder was.

Never found out for sure. Tho there were some rumors.

We continued down the trail and over a couple of rocks, then tried a brand new trail that

Captain Bob, Lonnie, and I found on the pre ride that went to the top of the radio towers. Then

we headed back to camp and the barbecue. Captain Bob and Lonnie didn’t go to the radio

towers, they took a shortcut to get back to camp and get everything ready for the barbecue. 22

brats by Roger, 24 hot dogs by Lonnie, a huge pie by Ron, and everybody was stuffed.

Great people, great ride, excellent eats! Doesn’t get any better than that!

Thanks for coming.


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