Motoqua / Virgin River Ride

Apr 30, 2013 0 2019 Views

4/26/13 and 4/27/13
Motoqua loop & Virgin River

The Score:
16 people
11 machines (3 atv’s, 8 utv’s)
Elevation- 2000′ up to 7500′
Temp.  55* up to 90*
Total miles- 130

Saturday we were joined by 3 guest riders from Kokopelli, the Mesquite club. Mike, Gary and Lorraine rode in Mike’s 4 seat Rzr. They said they had a great time. We took a break at the top of West Mtn. after a long steep hill climb. I’ve got to hand it to Danny Panzer the way he handled his KFX 450 on that hill climb. After that we had a stream crossing in Beaver Dam Wash just past Jackson’s Well. In Motoqua we crossed another much larger stream and had lunch beneath a large grove of Cottonwood trees- great shady spot.  John Edmond had some great fun crossing this stream. After lunch we had to cruise 40 miles back to camp where we had a potluck feast and a campfire.

Sunday morning was calm, sunny and already getting hot. We went to a vista overlooking the Virgin Gorge in Arizona, where Jasbir and Penny found lots of fossils. Lots of wild flowers in bloom. We then worked our way down some steep canyons to have lunch on the sandy banks of the Virgin River. We all had fun playing in the water.
We made it safely back to camp and everyone packed up to go home.
Great weekend.
Mike A.


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