Mesquite Ride Report

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Mesquite Ride Report 02-28-15

Saturday’s Ride 27 People signed up.

The ride leader was Roger Walkemeyer, Mid gunners Lonnie Smith and Captain Bob Thompson, Tail gunner Steve Gilla.

We started on time at 9 am, and got thru the safety and courtesy instructions, loaded up and got started on the ride.

We stopped about 2 miles out to make an equipment check. All secure.

Then we began climbing the first mountain. We went up above some patchy clouds, some left over snow in the shady places, and got over the top. Lots of twists and turns. Then we started down the other side. At the bottom of the switchbacks we made a hard left and went thru a maze of sandy twists and tight turns coming out the other end of the sandy maze to the first short stop.

We continued down the mountain and thru some canyons with spectacular canyon views. We headed across the ridges and valleys to ride the side of the valleys and up to the plateau where the BLM has an airport and runway for storing water, fuel, and equipment for firefighting. In the event of a wildfire the crews and equipment would use this place as a staging area. To fly people and equipment to where they are needed. We had lunch at noon on the patio and enjoyed checking out what our taxes pay for.

We saddled up and headed out, down into the ravines. The trails lead thru some mountains and canyons. With a short break at the old corral to let everyone catch up. We had some problems with people getting separated. The “responsible for the persons behind you rule“ was reinforced.

We continued down the canyon until the time came to go up to the road to Jacobs Well. This was a relatively straight graded road for a while so we picked up the pace all the way to Jacobs Well. Got separated again. We were getting ready to go back when the second half came in. Took a break and talked about some optional ride areas nearby. And the Sunday ride.

Headed out on the home stretch. Good graded roadway for a while. When we got to the four corners we went thru the sandy maze again from the other direction. Seemed like brand new. Then up the mountain switchbacks to the top of the mountain and down the other side to the starting point a few minutes after 3 pm. About 86 miles. No-one was staying for the Sunday ride. A couple of people were listed as coming. I was the only camper. Super peaceful and got some relaxing and reading done before lights out.

Sundays Ride.


No-one from Dunes & Trails showed up. The guys from Mesquite came and we scrapped the scheduled ride and went for an adventure / Ride leader Ride. Many thanks to Charlie Cox, Craig and Tom. WHAT A BLAST!  We went over the mountain and down to the four corners. We hung a sharp right and headed to Whitney Pass. Nice tight trails with lots of twists and turns. We went down some washes looking for a short cut to Pakoon Springs and Pakoon Tank. We found some really great trails, and some barbed wire fences blocking some other trails. We ended up going back a ways and over the next mountain to get to our first goal. Then we headed down the Grand Gulch Road toward the Grand Wash area. We were trying to get to some famous old mines (Savanic) in the area and got close but no cigar.

The whole mountain side had washed out and the only way a RZR was going up there was if it was lifted by a helicopter. Though we did some hiking and talked over plan B plan C and plan D and decided the helicopter was going to be the only way up those boulders. We could have used the winches and gotten another 100 yards but, WHY?

We decided this was the perfect spot for lunch.

According to the map. The only other way there would be to go over the mountains at Whitney Pass and to the other side of the mountain range, come down the pass and around that way. About another 60 miles. Another day. We started back to camp after lunch as there was a little mist coming down and some threatening clouds that might turn into some decent rain.

We got our scoot on and headed up the Grand Gulch toward Cottonwood Canyon then past the BLM airport, past Jacobs Well and back over the mountains to camp without getting much more than damp. About 80 miles.


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