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Minutes Dunes and Trails 


Meeting on Thursday, June 12, 2014


Officers and Chairmen present

President:  Roger Walkemeyer, Secretary:  Pennie Edmond, Treasurer:  Lynn Ardroin, Membership:  Mike Ardroin,  Web Master:  John Edmond, Store:  John Alicandro, Trailmaster:  Captain Bob,  Ticket Master:  Alexandra Edmond


Meeting was held on Thursday, June 12,  the meeting started at 7:00 pm at Memphis Barbecue.


Members Present

39 members, 5 guests and new members


Old Business

Minutes posted at tables and on line.  They were discussed,corrected for changes and approved.

A Change of Bylaws was proposed and passed at the last meeting.  This was to even out dues and stop prorating them.  If you start in November or December, it also pays the next year.

Motion Tami   2nd Captain Bob

The motion is to change the dues to one yearly fee, payable on January 1 until December 31.  If you join in November or December, the dues will include the following year.

Passed on 5/ 8    Passed on 6/12


Treasurer’s Report

$170 from dues, store, and collected 50/50.  $317.83 was spent for door prizes, annual website license, and ride leader fees.  Ride leader reimbursements are $50 for one day and $100 for two day rides.  There was a net loss if $147.83.

Balance at the end of May was $3566.79.



We have seventy-one families at present.  This is an increase of 10% from last year.


Past Ride Reports

May 10  The ride was to Delmar.  Ride should be 75 miles.  It was a high speed ride through the pines.  The group visited graveyards and the ghost town.  Many of the miners  had silica damage to their lungs.  Many hunters and hikers stay in the House at Delmar.  There were rattlers and a bull snake.  From there they went to a dry lake bed and the lava beds.  The group also saw petroglyphs.  This all ended with a hot dog bash.  Mike Ardroin and Captain Bob are leading.

May 24-26  This is a two day ride for Hualapai and Elkridge in Arizona. Mike Ardroin is leading.  This was a case of rescue work.  The group possibly saved two lives.  One person had a flat tire who was diabetic.  He could not change it, but the group took him to a safe area.  Another casualty was a Honda civic or Camry that took out his oil pan , and they took him in.  Why a car on this trail??  A side by side Razor  locked up and blew his gears and differential.  This was one of our members.


Future rides

June 14  This is a ride up Cold Creek at Wheeler Pass.  Steve Geller and Captain Bob will lead.  At first it will be slow and rocky and they will go to the Kilns.  This will come out uner Mount Charleston.  From there they will go up to the Sawmills for about a 70 mile ride.

June 6/27, 6/28  This ride is for Beaver, Utah.  Camp is 20-30 miles from I15.  Lonnie Smith will lead.  It is dry RV camping for most.  For a Utah permit stop at the pawn shop in Beaver.  It is a steep ride out of camp.  The route is part of the Paiute trail system and is cooler since it reaches 10,00 feet.  They should get to Puffer Lake.

July 10 Meeting

July 12  This will be a night ride to the South side of Cold Creek.  Starting time is 7:00 pm.

August 2,3  A return to Caliente and Chief Mountain We will follow the Silver State Trail.  Captin Bob is leading.

August 14 Meeting

August 29-September 1  Duck Creek Ride

September 11 Meeting

September 13   Bunkerville   Phil Sherman and Captain Bob leading

September 27 & 28 Coral Pink Sand Dunes  Phil Sherman leading


New Business

Nominations for ride leader pool.  Ride leaders must be qualified by the group.


Phil Sherman               Roger Walkemeyer                 John Edmond              Bruce Floyd

Captain Bob                Steve Giller                             Lonnie Smith

Mike Ardroin              Gary Gibson                            Jim Cooksey

The change to the amount of the dues is still tabled.

Marcel brought up the licensing for large all terrain vehicles.  These would be vehicles that can carry 4 or have a truck bed.  Go to  You will need a regular renewal form and a copy of your insurance and patience.  The cost is $20.  Read the NRS statues.  Helmets are still required.  You get a sticker with stars on it to tell the differencce.  You probably want to carry proof of what the statue says.

Meeting ended at 8:04.


50/50 Drawing  Cash $66

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