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Meeting on Thursday, January 9, 2014


Officers present

President:  Roger Walkemeyer, Secretary:  Pennie Edmond,  Treasurer:  Lynn Ardroin, Trailmaster: Captain Bob, Membership:  Mike Ardroin,  Web Master:  John Edmond,


Meeting was held on Thursday, January 9.  The meeting started at 7:05 pm at Memphis Barbeque.


Members Present

37 members, 4 guests


Old Business

Minutes posted at tables and online.  They were discussed and accepted.

Club Camera was not purchased as stated in previous notes.

Lowell Lee officially resigned as Vice President.  Lonnie Smith was nominated, persuaded, and was elected Vice President.


Treasurer’s Report

Income since the last month was $890 from the 50/50 drawing, the store, and dues.

Expenses were $1152 for the Ride fees, shirts, Xmas Party, and a Business License.

Balance for the bank is $3830.79 as of December 31, 2013.



There are presently 81 active members paid their dues.


Past Ride Reports



Future rides
Meeting February 13

January 11 Searchlight  70 mile ride, lunch stop

January 25 & 26  Tecopa  Phil leads ?  Saturday ride around the mines and Date farm.  Pot luck Saturday night.  Sunday ride around Dumont Dunes

February 14-17 on President’s Weekend there will be a ride and camp out at Winter blast at Lake Havasu.  Many people have reservations.  This is a 3 day event. Lots of fireworks and we have a campsite to meet at for social get together.  We will be at the rodeo grounds.  Pot luck Friday night

March 1   Gold Butte.  ?

March 15  Golden Valley, Arizona  Mike leads, East side of Lake Mead

March 29 & 30  Razor road

April Chloride


New Business


  1. The guests from BLM were Jimmy Linares, Bonnie Leavitt, Alyse McLalister, and Chris Lineham.

The discussion was about what we were going to do if our grant proposal was accepted.

Our grant proposal was for $27,700 and our goal is start using and doing the work in March or April, before the heat hits.

We would be involved with the setting up and labeling the Back Country Byway in Goldbutte area.  This would not necessarily include kiosks.  It would be setting up the markers for the Scanlon Freeway road and another road.  It was 62 miles with 100 signs.  We will need a pounder and jack hammer.  We will try to add GPS coordinates.  Europeans like to use these roads.  We will need to keep track of our mileage.

They would also like our trip maps for the Searchlight area.  To convert for their use our DNR Garmin must be converted to .SHP.

BLM is trying to set up Travel Management Routes in Southern Nevada.  A Resource Management Plan is also due by September 2015.  They also want to have this done for the Searchlight area.

Public Lands Day is the last day of September for Clark County.


  1. We ordered more flyers and set a cost of $250 which would include stands.

Donations were made by Roger, Bob and John for the 50/50.  Also there may be others.


Meeting ended at 8:15.

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