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Meeting on Thursday, April 10, 2014


Officers present

President:  Roger Walkemeyer, Vice-President Lonnie Smith, Secretary:  Pennie Edmond, Treasurer:  Lynn Ardroin, Membership:  Mike Ardroin,  Web Master:  John Edmond

Meeting was held on Thursday, April 10.  The meeting started at 7:03 pm at Memphis Barbeque.


Members Present

27 members, 8 new possible members, 1 guest


Old Business

Minutes posted at tables and on line.  They were discussed and approved.


Treasurer’s Report

$473 from dues and store, and 50/50 was collected..  $350.63 spent for door prizes, reimbursement to Phis for February, and ride leaders.

Balance at the end of March was $3584.06.



We  have three new members, but 20 families did not return.  Sixty-eight families at present.


Past Ride Reports

Razor road There were 20 people and 13 machines.  Saturday the ride was to Afton Canyon.  This included water transit, mine tours and mine caches.  There were sand dunes and a potluck Saturday night.  Sunday the ride included the megaphone and an old airport.

Golden Valley Ride  There were 26 bkes, with one tow in.  excellent ride according to most.




Future ride

Meeting May 8

Saturday April 12  The ride is to Jean area, about 70 miles includes mines and stop a t Goodsprings for lunch.  Go out I15 to State 160.  Bring water, extra gas and probably will be dusty.

April 26&27 The ride is to Gunlock Reservoir, and will be about 75 miles.  Bring layers of clothing, temperatures can vary, water, snacks, and lunch.  There is plenty of room for RVS with only one dip.  Sunday will be West mountain and will allow viewing of Southern Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.  Mike went over the evite.  RSVP  yes ,no, maybe

May 10  The ride is to Alamo for mines, graveyards, etc.  Mike Ardroin is leading.

May 30-31  This ride is for Chloride.

June 6/27, 6/28  This ride is for Beaver, Utah.


New Business

We are out of business with the BLM at this time, and maybe permanently.

You can be street legal now with your sticker in Nevada.  Make sure it has stars.

Raffle earned us $70.00.


Meeting ended at 8:10.

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