Jean NV Ride

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Cima Rd Ride

Jean Nevada Ride

Due to bad trail conditions, Captain Bob and John decided that the ride needed to be moved.  Jean was selected and thankfully the ride turned out great.

Starting off behind the Gold Strike, it was a mildly chilly morning.  With 13 riders, 11 Machines we started off towards Goodsprings.  First stopping to check out a couple of old mines in the hills behind Goodsprings, the road was rocky from all of the rain.  Captain Bob then took us to Goodsprings where we had lunch at the Famous Pioneer Saloon which is haunted.

From Goodsprings we headed west towards the 160, where we started off at to ride to Goodsprings last December.  The trail was rough, with deep wash outs not only crossing, but going directly down the middle of the road.  One that i looked at was 3 foot wide, by 4 foot deep.  At 2 miles from the 160, the middle part of the group thought they got lost and stopped.  The group stayed their for couple minutes when the front of the pack returned.  A radio, or some sort of communications setup for Leader and Tail gunner might have helped.

Once we regrouped, we returned to Goodsprings and then back to Jean NV.  All in all, Captain Bob put on a great ride.

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