Gunlock/West Mtn ride report

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Gunlock/West Mtn ride report
Saturday 80 miles
Sunday 40 miles

By Friday night we had 9 camping rigs set up in our area for the weekend and everyone else came for Saturday only.

It was a hot and sunny weekend with breezy to gusty winds. Saturday high 101, Sunday high 103. During the day riding we had enough elevation change to keep things pleasant. In the afternoons back at camp it was hot until the sun went down. We had a good sized group Friday night for camping. Saturday morning we had 24 people and 15 machines. We had 2 guests (friends of Ken & Valerie) who were very nice and had a great time. On our way through the Joshua tree forest we came across a couple working cowboys who were herding their cattle right along the trail. Probably about 50 head of cattle. It was a surprise to see so many right next to us. We took a break at the spring tank and by now we had come up enough in elevation that the temperature was nice.
We continued on towards the reservoir traveling through some beautiful countryside. We came to a narrow side canyon leading to the shoreline and this was the “extra credit” part of our ride. It is a small section of rock crawling for anyone wanting to try their skills. Thanks to Roger and Mark Fosdick for spotting everyone wanting to try it. Everyone did great and a couple people waited there for us to come back and climb up it. (About a 10 minute round trip). From here we continued on to the southwest shoreline for our lunch break. Ken spent his break fishing (got a couple bites), Sheila and Diana went swimming. The rest of us relaxed, eating our lunch and watching the jet skiers and inner tubers. From here we climbed back out of the canyon and continued our clockwise loop back to camp.
It was hot and several people loaded up and went home. The rest of us cleaned up, cooled off and enjoyed a great potluck dinner. Roger was the star of the show grilling up his famous brats. We gathered alongside Ed’s new toy hauler, he had the shady side with a large rug and all the tables and chairs ended up there.
Sunday morning found us with 8 people and 6 machines. We went to the TV towers on top of West Mountain, a long and very steep climb up to about 7000′ elevation. Temps in the mid 60′s and unlimited 360 degree breathtaking views of Utah, Arizona and Nevada. Now a leisurely ride back to camp where we all packed up and headed home.
Thanks to everyone for coming and working so hard to make this a great weekend.


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