Eldorado Canyon Ride Report

Feb 16, 2015 0 1342 Views

Eldorado Canyon ride report

31 People
23 Machines
60 Miles

We had a bright sunny day with a light breeze and 85 degrees high temperature. We had one member that got a flat tire on his pickup truck while pulling into the parking area so we put on his spare. Another member forgot his keys and couldn’t unlock the rear gate of his trailer. A third member made very quick work of those locks (evidence of his misspent youth) and we were on our way. I’m above naming names but their initials are, in no particular order, BF, RL and MA.

We started with a speedy romp down a 12 mile narrow canyon that dead ended at Oil Can Cove. You couldn’t actually see the water here because the Cottonwood stalks were too thick. After a quick break we went back and then headed north through Jumbo Wash.

We then took a turn down a very narrow canyon that dead ended at Bighorn Cove. We took another break here and Steve Gilla decided to go for a swim.

Back to Jumbo Wash, we headed north again until we got to Willow Beach Marina where we had a nice leisurely lunch with shade and picnic tables and clean facilities for anyone needing them. It was fun watching people enjoy the water, it was clear and smooth as glass. On our way back to the trucks, Lonnie spotted a family of Bighorn Sheep and I think everyone got a look at them.

It was a great ride and the dust wasn’t too bad (at least not up front) and everyone made it back with smiling faces. No hot dogs today because my barbecue burned up at Sand Hollow. I’ll have a new one soon.

Thank to everyone who helped make this ride so enjoyable!   Mike

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