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Duck Creek Ride Report

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Saturday 7-18-2015

John Edmond

Threatened by rain, 21 courageous souls in 16 machines decided to take their chances with the rain and the rookie ride leader.  From the starting spot, it was a quick ride to the first spot, Mammoth Caves.  Once everyone had their fill, back on the road.  A quick stop at the top of Birch Spring Knoll.  From here it was a quick, but in some areas rough trail to get to the Panguitch Lake Cafe on the shot of Panguitch Lake.

After lunch at the Cafe, the group decided the weather was far enough away that we could take out chances on rain and continue on to Hatch.  Just a few miles outside of Hatch, we came to a stop for our group picture with some beautiful hills in the background.  Unfortunately one of our riders machines decided at this point it no longer wanted to start.

It was decided Charlie and Roger would tow him to Hatch and the rest of the group would proceed to the gas station in Hatch where others could meet up with us and finish the ride.  While at the gas station, the weather looked as if it was done waiting for the group to get home and the clouds went from grey to black.  Make of the adventurous riders decided it was time to get their rain gear on and ready for the down poor that was sure the come.

At the end of the ride, there was no rain, and very little mud.  But in the end, we all had fun.


Sunday 7-19-2015

Roger Walkemeyer

  We met at the starting point and found that the rain last night and the (forecast) weather reports of rain and nasty weather to come had kept most riders away.

 There were only 4 rigs ready to brave the elements. As it turned out it was a perfect day. Mostly clear with some high clouds. In the afternoon, the rain threatened but we scared it off until the ride was over.

 Three of us knew the area but Charlie Cox was the most familiar with the trails so he led the group. The ride was almost all on trails and side trails. We checked out some more unique, less traveled trails that led to Strawberry point. This is the showplace of this entire mountain area. Absolutely, the most breathtaking views from the top of the mountain. We spent some time here taking pictures and soaking it all in then loaded up and headed out.

 We rode thru some puddles from last night’s rain. The rigs got a thorough coating. We stayed on side trails and ran until lunch break at a beautiful forested meadow with a stream flowing thru the center. The kids, dogs and grown-ups had a great time. If you are going to take a break this is the perfect spot.

 From here we headed back to the starting point. It was around noon so two of the group headed to camp to pack up and head for home.

 Charlie and I were already packed up so we headed out, to try out some mountain trails that were on the BLM map. NICE trails. Thru forest and over mountain tops. All narrow two track trails. We stayed in 4 wheel drive and used low range a few times. Nothing serious but new and fun.

 After a few hours riding the clouds set in and rain was on the way, so we headed to the trucks and loaded up. The rain started as we were headed down the mountain for home.

Great Sunday.


2012 Polaris XP4 900 - Pro Armor Doors, and Hardness's, Tribal Whip.

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