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Duck Creek Labor Day 2013 Club ride

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Duck Creek Labor Day 2013
Club ride
Saturday’s ride- 85 miles. Led by Mike & Lynn. Tail Gunner- Capt. Bob. We had six machines (one sport quad, two atv’s and three sxs). Nine people- Fred & Jari Robinson-(this is their first club ride),  Joe & Connie Sandoval, Dave & Danny Panzer, Capt. Bob, and Mike & Lynn.
Danny’s Quad was running a little rough so he & Dave decided not to risk it any further so they went back to town together.
We continued north on our loop where we had to slowly crawl through some lava beds (bowling ball sized lava chunks) and some ledges. We also had to cross through many mud puddles, some were pretty large. Heading towards Yankee Meadows Reservoir, we had some light rain for about an hour. Several Deer sightings and many grazing cattle.  Amazing views from the top of the Markagunt Plateau, we descended to the Reservoir’s facilities for a well needed break.
We had great weather for the rest of the day where we cruised along the north shore of Panguitch Lake and then dropped down into Hatch for fuel and a meal at the BBQ joint.
We then completed our loop by heading south back to the village.
It was a long day but everyone had a great time!  We got back to the meeting point around 5pm.

Sunday ride: 45 miles. Led by Mike & Lynn. Tail Gunners- Capt. Bob & Dorothy. About 2 hours of rain on today’s ride, everyone’s rain gear held up good. For today’s loop we went to the lookout on top of Asay Knoll for some great scenery & pictures.  Lots of Deer- free range, organic, grass fed deer…mmmmm now I am hungry. From there to Mammoth Cave. What a joke. Climb down into this hole in the ground with a flashlight thinking ” all right! This is going to be so cool!” The first thing you run into is an iron gate preventing entry! After a bathroom break, we continued on to another lookout on top of Henri’s Knoll for some more breathtaking photos and a nice break. After another trek through a substantial lava field, we continued on to see the Ice Cave. Another joke. Another hole in the ground and the way in & out is to rappel down a rope then climb it to get out. There was no ice in there.
When we left there it started pouring rain again and everyone had enough, so we went back to the meeting point and called it a day.
Special thanks to Capt. Bob, Charlie Cox & Ross Miller for helping out with the pre rides.

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