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Saturday May 10th, 2014
Led by Mike and Lynn
Tail gunner- Capt. Bob
Mid gunners- Ed Schimmels
and Roger Walkemeyer
Photos by Lowell Lee

Great ride today. We had 34 people- 31 members and 3 guests. 24 machines- 15 SXS and 9 ATV’s. Breezy most of the day and a little chilly first thing in the morning. We rode about 80 miles today. After a spirited run past the dry lake bed and through the Joshua tree forest (several antelope sightings), we came to the first graveyard. All the old wooden headstones have long since fallen over and are unreadable. We took a long lunch at the mining ghost town where everyone got to go explore all the old buildings and many of the mines. From here we went to the newer graveyard that has real headstones and is still visited occasionally by relatives of the miners and their families who are buried here.
Onward and upward now to 6300′ elevation into the trees and cooler air where we checked out an abandoned house that looks like it is still used occasionally probably by hikers and hunters. Next we went back to the dry lake and Dave Pacheco showed us an area that is covered with ancient petroglyphs. Very interesting, thanks Dave!
After playing on the lake bed for awhile- smooth as glass but very windy now and blowing dust devils, we headed back to the trucks and grilled up a bunch of hot dogs and chowed down! Thanks Sheila for bringing the chips! Most of the gang stayed to socialize for awhile.
Today we had only one missed turn that I know of and one small mechanical glitch, both of which were quickly fixed.
All in all a very good day. With this
large of a group and going this many miles, the problems were kept to a minimum.

Thanks everybody!!!
Mike and Lynn

2012 Polaris XP4 900 - Pro Armor Doors, and Hardness's, Tribal Whip.

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