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Cold Creek Night Ride

Aug 9, 2013 0 1495 Views

Riding at Cold Creek on 7/13/13 by Ray Christina & Lonnie Smith

What a nice, cool ride it was when the sun went down. We started the ride at  7:15 p.m. because it was still light outside.We had 9 machines and 12 members that showed up for the ride.We started down the trail and missed a couple of turns. We had to loop back for the right trail. Once we were on the trail, I noticed some riders were on the wrong trail because someone did not wait at a turn off. I had to chase them down to get them on our trail. We made it to our first stop when it starting getting dark. We had some snacks, and we sat around to talk. Lonnie shared his smoke salmon with members, and it was very appetizing.

After our break, we made our way back to the trucks and crossed the road to ride by the ponds. We jumped back on the road towards the pass and hit some side trails on the way. We ended up by the creek where it is fenced off. What an unbelievable view of the stars you can see at that altitude. We headed back to the trucks at around 10pm.

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