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Ride Report – Logandale 2017

Logandale Trail 2 day: 2 campers, Saturday 18 riders showed up on a beautiful Saturday. The ride was 35 miles, 1 breakdown with a battery issue. Everyone seem to enjoy the ride. We motored through some great trails, saw petroglyphs, played in the sand and rode through beautiful scenery. Again the weather was absolutely perfect. On Sunday. We had four riders. Did quite a bit of ridge running until we had a mishap with a ditch. Luckily with the use of Roger’s winch we were able to extricate the downed rig. More play in the sand and awesome trails and we called it a day at around noon.

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Ride Report – Hatch Utah 2017

The 2-day Dunes & Trails ride was held August 26-27, 2017 in Hatch, UT. with 21 vehicles. We gathered for the safety meeting at 9 am (NV time) at the parking lot of the Riverside Ranch RV park which was 7,000 feet elevation. Saturday’s ride was 65 miles and lasted almost 7 hours riding at times over 10,000 feet. First stop was an equipment check on Proctor Canyon road which I call “The Pit” 3 miles from start.

Second stop was a scenic stop for pictures about 7 miles up the mountain. We traveled over relatively smooth trails with some rough spots. Low gear 4 wheel drive was not necessary except in a very few instances. Our travels took us to Blue Fly Creek and a bathroom stop at Tropic Reservoir. From there onward to Ruby’s Inn seeing an osprey nest with young birds and a prairie dog village. Several riders reported seeing antelopes (white butts) and deer. We all saw lots of cows. Lunch at Ruby’s Inn and then back on the trail.

We stopped at a natural artesian well & the water tasted so pure. From there back up the mountain via Skunk Creek trail with our final stop at the top for a breath-taking 25 mile view across the valley looking down on reddish orange hoo-doo’s. Then back to fuel up and base camp for a community pot luck supper.


Sunday’s ride started at same time and from same gathering point. We rode up Hatch Mountain on dirt roads and trails where we saw lots of campers and other OHV’s. Our destination was the general store at Panguitch Lake. We stopped for 30-45 minutes for refreshments and bathroom.

Scenery was stunning on the 37 mile ride with 12 vehicles. We were back early enough for those leaving Sunday to make it home that night. Several riders stayed Sunday night and continued to enjoy the cooler temperatures.

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Gold Butte Ride Report 2017

Dunes and Trails ATV / UTV

Gold Butte 02-2017 ride report. By: Roger Walkemeyer

Ride Leader: Roger Walkemeyer Tail Gunner: Ron Foglia Mid Gunner: Rick Lund

19 rigs, 26 people including the video crew

Everyone started arriving and preparing their rigs between 8 and 8:30 am.

The area and the trails we are to be riding this day are new to most of the club members. There was to be

more than the usual number of photos taken.

This was a special ride that was being videotaped and photographed with interviews to be taken of members

of the group for the Nevada State OHV Commission, to promote the value of OHV registration, Nevada

outdoor off road recreation, and rider safety.

I did an interview about Dunes and Trails ATV Club, this ride location, and rider safety before the 8:45 am

safety briefing. I introduced the reporter, video, photography crew and Nevada OHV Commissioner Charlie


At 9 am we hit the trail. Directly out of the parking area to a wash and the fun began. We went about a mile

or so and made an equipment check. No-one had anything falling off. Life is good. On the road again. Then

back to the wash trails until our next stop.

For this loop. We broke the group in half (as parking was limited at the top) and put the rigs into 4 wheel drive

low range to climb up to the top of a mountain to get some 360 degree views of the mountain ranges from the

very top of a mountain. The trail used to go down the other side but got wiped out in a landslide. (The value of


We rode in washes for a few miles and that gave the suspensions some exercise. Then we came up the wash

wall to the top of a plateau. We picked up the pace a little and checked out some beautiful vistas overlooking

Lake Mead and the mountains surrounding it.

Then back down into the 4 wheel drive washes, trails and ridges. Some in low range. Excellent technical

riding, watching where each tire goes. Down in the bottom of one wash that had a stream running thru it we

stopped for a break and a lesson in tire plugging. One of the rigs got a hole punched into the side wall of a tire

and there was a big crowd of helpers to make the event memorable. The job is sure easier when there are

people to help. We went to the top of a ridge lookout point and took a short photo stop, and added air to a

low tire. Then back down into the wash.

The wash led to the highlight of the trip. Little Finland. Absolutely beautiful red sandstone mountain

outcroppings that are weathered by wind sand and water to create some of the most unique shapes and

colorful vistas that exist nowhere else in the world. This site is very fragile and some of the features can be

broken easily. Your imagination should be left to run wild. Some of the features are named and some are the

idea behind some movie characters. Beware of the rhinoceros and the dragon and the crocodile. The king and

his court are watching.

Every time you come here the experience is different. A person can spend hours here getting “those special

Pictures and memories” where the angle and light is perfect. We spent an hour or so here for lunch and


Then we were off to the ridges and washes to the next stop to check out some petroglyphs and take the

group photo.

Then off to Devils Throat. Which is a huge sink hole in the middle of nowhere that we are grateful that

someone put a fence around. We would not want to find it the hard way. 80’ to 100’ down. Ouch!

Off again, this time on trails to the Gold Butte road then back toward the staging area. But there is still one

more stop.

A seldom visited site that if you didn’t know about it you would drive right by.

The site is the dam that was constructed on the site of an ancient spring by the WPA during the early part of

the 19 th century to store larger quantities of water than was previously saved by the tiny spring. This was a

valued resource to the ranchers and travelers in this area and was maintained by the ranchers and

government until the BLM “in it’s infinite wisdom” decided that the ranchers, hikers and others that used this

area for hundreds if not thousands of years (note the ancient petroglyphs and Anasazi ruins in the area)

should not be allowed to use the area. “Infinite Wisdom?”

Then back to camp. We got to camp about 3 pm. We set up the barbeque and table for hot dogs and

socializing. I grilled up 36 hot dogs, buns, condiments, and a few brats. Most of the group stayed for a while

and ate and visited.

An excellent ride and a fun day with a great group of people. Thanks for coming.


An editorial:

There were three areas that we were going to go to shortly after leaving the staging area that had to be left

out of the trip as the BLM has “in its infinite wisdom” decided to close the roads and trails and block access to

the sites.

* Two of the sites are full of petroglyphs but the road / trail to the parking area at the base of the glyphs has

been blocked with posts and cables. Preventing access to these sites to anyone with a disability or anyone

unable to walk a half a mile on the old unmaintained road bed. (Yes the road is still there, it’s just that no-one

can use it!)

* The other area blocked off with posts and cables is the “Poppy” flower fields. A few miles of OHV trails that,

in the spring after a little rain is absolutely beautiful. Desert flowers cover the entire valley. Until the area was

blocked off and we were denied access we could ride the trails and take some breath taking pictures, from the

road / trail and never disturb anything other than the click the camera made. P.S. The road / trail is visible

going off into the valley and guess what, there is not one single flower in the road. The closed signs, cables and

posts are the eyesore. PS “Study”? What? When it rains flowers grow in the meadows. DUH! Study done!

* The other note is the pathetic disgrace of the worn out, washed out, chuck hole infested, un-maintained,

un-repaired, sorry excuse of a road. The ROAD has been allowed to deteriorate to this abysmal state over

more than 20 years.

This embarrassment and affront to users of the area can only be explained by one obvious fact. It prevents

most of the public from coming to the area. How many people are willing to risk their $20,000 to $300,000

trucks, campers, and motorhomes over 28 miles of 4” to 6” deep chuck holes going all across the “road” to the

point you cannot miss them. How many are willing to drive 28 miles at 5 to 10 miles an hour to avoid

damaging the suspension tires and wheels on their vehicles? There are some beautiful campsites in the area

that are totally unused.

I have a 22 year old nephew that was 2 years old when we first documented the deterioration and total lack

of effective maintenance to this “road”.

Why doesn’t the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) just get honest and change its name to the BLC (Bureau

of Land Closure). The only evidence WE see of the BLM is the next “closed trail” sign, or “study area” closed

sign. What the “heck” are they studying? Why the “heck” do they need to close trails that are thousands of

years old to “study” them. I have a novel idea. Have some of the “studying persons” walk on the trails, or ride

a horse, of maybe drive an OHV on them. Then get out of the way so the rest of us “the public” can see the

beauty that is being reserved for the exclusive use of a “SELECT FEW” “STUDY PERSONS”.

As shown by the petroglyphs, these roads and trails have been in use for the past several thousand years.

It seems to us mere members of the public. That the BLM has obviously, quite successfully fulfilled its

(unwritten) goal of removing the public’s access to these PUBLIC LANDS. This needs to change!


Roger Walkemeyer

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Cottonwood Ride Report

Cottonwood Rd. Ride
Ride Leaders: Mike & Lynn
Mid Gunner: Roger
Tail Gunners: Steve & Sandra Allen

Sunny and warm, 5 to 10 mph breeze, great conditions. After fixing a leaking radiator drain plug on one machine and a torn cv boot on another, we had our pre ride safety meeting and then hit the trail at 9:20 am. We had 11 machines and about 21 people today.

We rode the high ridge line north to south and stopped twice for pictures. From there we went to Portland Mine and took another picture break. The trails were in good condition to this point but started deteriorating as we headed south, due to all the summer rain storms. We went all the way to Shoshone Cove and ate our lunch and took a group photo. This is a great spot to relax, overlooking the water with shaded picnic tables and bathrooms.

From here we went back north the way we came. It was much dustier coming back. We stopped at the top of Portland Mine for a perspective looking down into the pit and more pictures. Our next stop was at Jeep Cove where we fed some burros and relaxed at waters edge for a few minutes before heading back to the trucks.

We made it back to camp about 3:30 pm, all present and accounted for, dusty & dirty, tired and grinning. What a great day!
Oh yeah, almost forgot- Roger tested out his winch getting Fred unstuck while trying to leave the parking lot.
Thanks to all of you for coming and helping to make this such a great ride!
Mike and Lynn

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Nelson Ride Report

December 19th 2015 Nelson NV Ride

Ride leader- Roger Walkemeyer, Mid gunner- Lonnie Smith, Tail gunner- Captain Bob.

About 8 of us met at the Railroad Pass Casino coffee shop for breakfast little after 6 a.m.

before the ride. Then we all left together and headed to Nelson.

There were 18 adventurous souls ready to brave the weather and enjoy the ride.

Had a brief safety meeting then hit the trail at 9 am.

A little ways down the road we found a lady in distress with a cell phone in her hand trying to

figure out how to get their minivan down the road. We told her to turn it around and head back

to pavement because minivans don’t survive well here!

We carried on down to the river and took a group photo then left the river and went to the

base of the mountain, put it in 4 wheel low range and went up one side of the mountain and

made sure to hit every switchback all the way over the top and down the other side till we

found a perfect spot for lunch.

After a short lunch break, since everybody was saving space for the BBQ we went down some

side trails to check out a mineshaft. We wanted to see who the building permit holder was.

Never found out for sure. Tho there were some rumors.

We continued down the trail and over a couple of rocks, then tried a brand new trail that

Captain Bob, Lonnie, and I found on the pre ride that went to the top of the radio towers. Then

we headed back to camp and the barbecue. Captain Bob and Lonnie didn’t go to the radio

towers, they took a shortcut to get back to camp and get everything ready for the barbecue. 22

brats by Roger, 24 hot dogs by Lonnie, a huge pie by Ron, and everybody was stuffed.

Great people, great ride, excellent eats! Doesn’t get any better than that!

Thanks for coming.


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Cold Creek Anniversary Ride Report

Ride Report

15th Anniversary Party and Poker Run Ride

The ride leaders were Cap Bob and Lonnie, the tail gunner was Steve

Gilla and the mid gunner was Rick Lund

The ride started at the parking area for Cold Creek ATV trails. We had a good attendance with both UTV’s and ATV’s. 27 riders on 21 or 22 The ride was around 30 miles of almost all trails with little or no dust.

We went up and down some steep hills everyone did a fine job and had no trouble. The ride went from the desert to up into the trees and back down to the desert. We made three stops to pick cards for the poker run. We arrived back at the parking area at around 1 PM.

Roger didn’t go on the ride he stayed at camp and cooked his Brats and organized things for the party. Anyone who had one of Rogers Brats will tell you that they turned out perfect.

We had hamburgers and cheese burgers with all the fixings also the Pot Luck dishes and desserts.

I would like to thank everyone who brought the canopies, tables and all the wonderful pot luck dishes and desserts. (Arlene Raibovsky was the dessert pusher and if you didn’t OD on the desserts it wasn’t her fault Thank you Arlene) Also all the help to set up and take down the canopies and tables thank all of you for making the party a success.

The Poker Run Prize was $130.00 and Steve Gilla Won with 3 sixes.

Thanks everyone it was a great day with over half the club turning.

Lonnie, Roger and Capt Bob


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Duck Creek Ride Report

Saturday 7-18-2015

John Edmond

Threatened by rain, 21 courageous souls in 16 machines decided to take their chances with the rain and the rookie ride leader.  From the starting spot, it was a quick ride to the first spot, Mammoth Caves.  Once everyone had their fill, back on the road.  A quick stop at the top of Birch Spring Knoll.  From here it was a quick, but in some areas rough trail to get to the Panguitch Lake Cafe on the shot of Panguitch Lake.

After lunch at the Cafe, the group decided the weather was far enough away that we could take out chances on rain and continue on to Hatch.  Just a few miles outside of Hatch, we came to a stop for our group picture with some beautiful hills in the background.  Unfortunately one of our riders machines decided at this point it no longer wanted to start.

It was decided Charlie and Roger would tow him to Hatch and the rest of the group would proceed to the gas station in Hatch where others could meet up with us and finish the ride.  While at the gas station, the weather looked as if it was done waiting for the group to get home and the clouds went from grey to black.  Make of the adventurous riders decided it was time to get their rain gear on and ready for the down poor that was sure the come.

At the end of the ride, there was no rain, and very little mud.  But in the end, we all had fun.


Sunday 7-19-2015

Roger Walkemeyer

  We met at the starting point and found that the rain last night and the (forecast) weather reports of rain and nasty weather to come had kept most riders away.

 There were only 4 rigs ready to brave the elements. As it turned out it was a perfect day. Mostly clear with some high clouds. In the afternoon, the rain threatened but we scared it off until the ride was over.

 Three of us knew the area but Charlie Cox was the most familiar with the trails so he led the group. The ride was almost all on trails and side trails. We checked out some more unique, less traveled trails that led to Strawberry point. This is the showplace of this entire mountain area. Absolutely, the most breathtaking views from the top of the mountain. We spent some time here taking pictures and soaking it all in then loaded up and headed out.

 We rode thru some puddles from last night’s rain. The rigs got a thorough coating. We stayed on side trails and ran until lunch break at a beautiful forested meadow with a stream flowing thru the center. The kids, dogs and grown-ups had a great time. If you are going to take a break this is the perfect spot.

 From here we headed back to the starting point. It was around noon so two of the group headed to camp to pack up and head for home.

 Charlie and I were already packed up so we headed out, to try out some mountain trails that were on the BLM map. NICE trails. Thru forest and over mountain tops. All narrow two track trails. We stayed in 4 wheel drive and used low range a few times. Nothing serious but new and fun.

 After a few hours riding the clouds set in and rain was on the way, so we headed to the trucks and loaded up. The rain started as we were headed down the mountain for home.

Great Sunday.


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Gunlock/West Mtn ride report

Gunlock/West Mtn ride report
Saturday 80 miles
Sunday 40 miles

By Friday night we had 9 camping rigs set up in our area for the weekend and everyone else came for Saturday only.

It was a hot and sunny weekend with breezy to gusty winds. Saturday high 101, Sunday high 103. During the day riding we had enough elevation change to keep things pleasant. In the afternoons back at camp it was hot until the sun went down. We had a good sized group Friday night for camping. Saturday morning we had 24 people and 15 machines. We had 2 guests (friends of Ken & Valerie) who were very nice and had a great time. On our way through the Joshua tree forest we came across a couple working cowboys who were herding their cattle right along the trail. Probably about 50 head of cattle. It was a surprise to see so many right next to us. We took a break at the spring tank and by now we had come up enough in elevation that the temperature was nice.
We continued on towards the reservoir traveling through some beautiful countryside. We came to a narrow side canyon leading to the shoreline and this was the “extra credit” part of our ride. It is a small section of rock crawling for anyone wanting to try their skills. Thanks to Roger and Mark Fosdick for spotting everyone wanting to try it. Everyone did great and a couple people waited there for us to come back and climb up it. (About a 10 minute round trip). From here we continued on to the southwest shoreline for our lunch break. Ken spent his break fishing (got a couple bites), Sheila and Diana went swimming. The rest of us relaxed, eating our lunch and watching the jet skiers and inner tubers. From here we climbed back out of the canyon and continued our clockwise loop back to camp.
It was hot and several people loaded up and went home. The rest of us cleaned up, cooled off and enjoyed a great potluck dinner. Roger was the star of the show grilling up his famous brats. We gathered alongside Ed’s new toy hauler, he had the shady side with a large rug and all the tables and chairs ended up there.
Sunday morning found us with 8 people and 6 machines. We went to the TV towers on top of West Mountain, a long and very steep climb up to about 7000′ elevation. Temps in the mid 60′s and unlimited 360 degree breathtaking views of Utah, Arizona and Nevada. Now a leisurely ride back to camp where we all packed up and headed home.
Thanks to everyone for coming and working so hard to make this a great weekend.


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Tombstone Canyon Ride Report

Saturday May 16th, 2015
26 machines
34 people
(31 members and 3 guests)
We began the ride right on time immediately after the safety briefing. The temperature was below normal and the sky partly cloudy with a nice breeze. It also rained pretty good the day before so dust wasn’t a problem. We climbed up to the Cedar Pocket overlook and had spectacular views of the Virgin Gorge. Bruce Floyd spotted a very healthy Gopher snake and we got some pictures of it. Alexandra Edmond celebrated her 11th birthday with us today and shared her birthday cupcakes with everybody. Thanks Alex!
We continued our climb up to 7000′ elevation and had lunch in a peaceful area in the tall pine trees. It was kind of cold and a couple people weren’t dressed for it but everyone else seemed fine. After lunch, we began our ride back down to lower elevations where it was a little warmer. We pulled into an area that acts as a natural cistern to capture rain water and formed a big loop of riders around the perimeter for a photo opportunity. This is when the unthinkable happened. One of our members (and I won’t mention any names but her initials are DW) decided to break away from the pack to find out how deep the mud is by the waters edge. Let’s just say it’s a good thing she had her flag attached. Roger got to test out his new winch and pulled her out without too much trouble. While this was going on, we had more drama going on at the other end of the water hole. Another member (remember, no names but her initials are SL) decided to go on foot to help DW and not even halfway there, she sunk down in the mud clear up to her hips. When the laughter subsided, the cameras came out. Good times. From here, back to the trucks. Didn’t see any deer, but lots of cattle. Back at the trucks, we took a break and some of the group called it a day and loaded up. The rest of us took a fun 10 mile loop down to the Virgin River. It was sunny and 80 degrees here so all the jackets came off. We took a fun, narrow twisty canyon back to the trucks. It was a great day and everyone had a good time. Everyone did a great job watching at the turns and nobody got separated, so I’d like to say thanks to everybody for paying attention and helping to make this ride so enjoyable.
Hopefully lots of pictures will be posted on the website.
See you on the trails! Mike and Lynn

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Sand Hollow, Utah Ride Report 04-25 & 26 2015

Saturday 04-26-15   We had 23 riders signed up and 19 rigs.

We had our safety briefing and instructions. Took a picture and hit the trail.

It had rained over-night so the sand was nice and firm with no dust. We went thru the tunnel and followed the fence line for a bit until we got to the red rock outcrops at the top of Sand Mountain, overlooking Warner Valley. We rode the crown of the mountain and dipped down into some of the canyons and hideouts for short stops and pictures.

Then we headed to the very top of the mountain, overlooking the sand dunes and the hill climb area of Sand Mountain. We got a light sprinkle of misty rain off and on, just enough to put on rain gear.

One benefit to the damp sand was there was only one stuck rig. We played in the sand or watched others play for a short time and re-grouped for the climb up the rocky trail to “The Flintstone House” for lunch and group pictures.

After lunch we headed out to ride the hilltops and valleys overlooking the valley where the views went on for miles and miles. There were a few bumpy areas but nothing serious.

After the hilltop and ridge ride we went back down the rocky trail and across the sand dunes. We made another short play stop in the sand then returned to camp.

The pot luck dinner was great! There was a little rain but we had awnings from 2 rigs tied together a pop up tent and tables inside trailers so no one got wet. The chefs did a wonderful job. We had grilled sausages of 3 kinds, bacon wrapped asparagus, lasagna, 2 kinds of chicken, stuffing, rice, salads, macaroni salad, and on and on. No-one went away hungry. For sure. We had a campfire under a tent that worked out perfectly. Heard some new stories.

Ride Leader: Roger Walkemeyer

Mid gunner: Lonnie Smith

Tail gunner: Steve Gilla


Sunday 04-27-15   6 rigs.

Today would be little shorter and a little more technical ride with fewer stops. We tried a new shortcut that saved an hour of sand dune crossing to get to our destination of the Honeymoon Trail Pass. (Even with the two oops’s)

There was a lot of around the mountain riding and some steep trails to get over the terraces and down into the valley. From the top it looks like a nice slope to the valley below BUT there are wash outs and rock slides to keep it challenging. NO straight runs down the hill.

We got to the valley and took the graded road a few miles to the trail up the next mountain.

The Honeymoon Trail is the only way over this mountain for 80 to 90 miles. It is safe but not for the faint of heart. 4 wheel low range only. Top speed 10 to 15 mph. But the hill is a blast and the view from the top is breathtaking. The views coming down the mountain go on forever.

We took a faster way back, staying on gravel roads and well-traveled trails as everyone wanted to get back and break up camp before the rangers came. We got back at 1 pm.

Ride Leader: Roger Walkemeyer

Tail gunner: Steve Gilla & Lonnie Smith


Ride report By: Roger Walkemeyer

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