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Response to the BLM land grab

With the Recent move by the BLM to close off more and more public lands from all use including ATV’s Dunes and Trails has put together a response that we ask all members to send to the BLM.

BLM Response

Dunes and Trails Response to BLM

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Currently our government is proposing an off-road vehicle design mandate that would ignore industry safety standards already proposed by industry experts. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) proposed mandate will potentially affect all future Side By Side and ROV (receational off-road vehicle) models and possibly affect safety in an unintended negative manner. Even though industry manufacturers have tried to work with the CPSC for several years and have invested heavily in safety testing, CPSC would rather ignore industry experts and mandate its own “untested” rules for safety.

The proposed CPSC mandate would force all side by side manufacturers to make arbitrary changes to the design of all future vehicles produced. The mandated changes could reduce steering response, reduced ground clearance, vehicle width increases and more restrictive driver and passenger restraint and seatbelt systems.

***The below text was taken from the Polaris website***

The “rule” would require OEMs to build to arbitrary design standards in 4 areas:

  • Mandated understeer → applies on-road design principles to off-road vehicles
  • Causes vehicle to push through corners because turning radius increases as vehicle speed increases
  • Reduces vehicle steering responsiveness and handling predictability
  • Works for on-road vehicles with smooth ditches and guard rails, but will lead to unintended consequences off-road
  • Polaris supports OEM design freedom to optimize predictable, responsive off-road handling
  • Minimum lateral acceleration on pavement → optimizes on-road performance without any correlation to off-road safety
  • Could lead to loss of ground clearance and/or wider vehicles
  • Encourages use of stiffer tires, not effective off-road
  • Limits/eliminates door and cab enclosures
  • Ignores steering wheel input – drivers’ primary control
  • Polaris supports dynamic stability testing tied to steering wheel input
  • Mandated Passenger Seat Belt Interlock → ties speed-limiting technology to the front passenger seats creating potential failure modes and unintended consequences
  • Transfers some control of vehicle from driver to passenger – passenger unbuckling or bouncing on seat will result in dangerous, sudden loss of power
  • Limits ability to customize seats and causes increased risk of seat sensor failure in off-road conditions
  • Limits/eliminates ability to utilize under seat storage
  • Polaris has innovative driver’s side speed-limiting seat belt system on most MY15s, but opposes adding that system to passenger seats
  • Mandated Shoulder Bolster → requires a frame-mounted shoulder bolster on all vehicles
  • Compromises ability to get in and out
  • Limits door and cab options
  • Polaris supports active occupant restraints, has had doors and nets for many years


Statistics taken from an CPSC report (linked below) shows the safety record for Side by Sides. In the year 2012 there were 76 total reported fatalities due to ROV accidents. In 2012 it was estimated that there was 876,000 ROV’s in use. Although any and every ROV fatality is tragic, it is a very small fraction of total use and alcohol was shown to be a factor in nearly 50% of incidents . Also a very high percentage of ROV deaths were shown to be “unbelted” fatalities, seatbelt reminder mechanisms are very easily disabled and also pose safety issues of their own.

For more information about the proposed mandate please go to Also be sure to voice your opinion on the CPSC Contact Form at

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Street Legal in Nevada

It is finally here, we can not register our Side by Sides to be Street Legal.  Now this doesn’t mean you can drive down the strip with your RZR.  But when we visit towns like Caliente or Tonapha we no longer have to worry about driving out Side by Sides in town.  You can not drive them in cities with 100,000 more residents or cities, and towns that have laws regarding ATV’s and street legal status.

When you register your Side by Side, you need to make sure you select the new option, Large ATV.


What qualifies for Street Legal?

So, I started with the requirements in NRS 490.120. It says your Side by Side needs the following:

  1. At least one headlamp
  2. At least one tail lamp
  3. At least one red reflector on the rear of the vehicle
  4. A stop lamp on the rear of the vehicle
  5. A muffler

Nearly all Side by Sides meet these requirements.


Do I need insurance?

You need to have insurance. This is referenced in NRS 490.0825 and specifically in NRS 485.185. Basically, it says you need insurance that is:

  1. An insurance company licensed in this state.
  2. $15,000 for bodily injury to or death of one person in any one accident
  3. $30,000 for bodily injury to or death of two or more persons in any one accident
  4. $10,000 for destruction of property


The Process

Step 1

First is your Side by Side a new registration?  If it is, you need to go to one of the dealerships and get the Vin inspected.  They will also fill out the forms for you. But you need to make sure you select Large OHV before you sign off.


But if your Side By Side has been registered, you will need to pay attention to what form you need to use.

How to Know with Form to use?


(If you purchased your RZR after July 2012, there is a different form. It’s essentially the same. APPLICATION FOR OFF-HIGHWAY VEHICLE REGISTRATION DECAL
. Note there are different forms for out of state dealers, private party sales, etc. – scroll to the bottom of the page)

Anyway, you should fill this form out, just check the box for “Large All Terrain Vehicle”.


Then, take this form down to a Notary Public – Your Local bank will normally have someone that can do this for you.


Step 2

Next up is this form: LARGE ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLE INSURANCE DECLARATION. Pull out your insurance card and transfer the insurance details, as well as your Driver’s License information, to this form and sign it (no Notary this time).

Step 3

I paid by check. That and both forms went into an envelope, and I mailed it to the Wright Way address. In as little as six days later, voila – a new registration sticker!


What does this get us?

This makes your RZR street legal under NRS 490.105. Please note this is NOT carte blanche to ride (oops, drive) your RZR willy-nilly on any paved road you want.

Quite literally, you are given permission to drive on only two types of roadways:

  1. County “General roads”
  2. County “Minor roads”

That’s it. If you are inside an incorporated city, those are no longer county roads. If it’s a Nevada State Highway, that, too, isn’t a county road.

However, the vast majority of rural Nevada roads DO fall into something we can drive on. Generally, if it’s two-lane blacktop with a speed limit of 45 mph or less, it’s fair game. Don’t be silly and try to drive on I-80, or down the Vegas strip, or something.

This opens up a lot of territory – for example, we can ride the Black Rock desert, and drive our RZR right into downtown Gerlach and get dinner at Bruno’s.

Each county can pass laws restricting NRS 490. For example, here in Washoe County, you are limited to roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less. As far as we can tell, that’s the only example in Nevada so far.

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Greg Mumm Departs As BlueRibbon Coalition Executive Director

Greg Mumm Departs As BlueRibbon Coalition Executive Director POCATELLO, ID (November 2, 2013)

Greg Mumm announced today that he will no longer be serving as the Executive Director of the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC). BRC is a national nonprofit, grassroots advocacy organization championing recreational access for a diverse array of users including motorized recreationists, equestrians, mountain bikers, pilots and boaters. Mumm has served as Executive Director since 2006, during which BRC achieved significant victories involving the Forest Service Roadless Rule, eliminating the Ninth Circuit’s limitations on nonfederal parties’ involvement in environmental lawsuits, and in protecting and enhancing access to areas ranging from Yellowstone National Park to the Superior, Eldorado and San Juan National Forests. “I have loved every minute of my time as Executive Director,” said Mumm. “It was my honor to serve BRC and the many fine folks I met throughout our country. I will cherish the memories and experience I have gained and remain committed to addressing the interests of the recreation community,” Mumm concluded. “We truly thank Greg for his tireless efforts on behalf of BRC,” said John Parrinello, President of the BRC Board. “We will miss him and wish him the best as we move ahead conducting the business of BRC,” Parrinello concluded.

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Friends of Dumont Dunes – 10th Annual Dumont Dunes Clean up

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Save the Johnson Valley OHV Area.

With utmost respect for our nation’s military and national defense, we request our government deny any request by the US Marines to acquire 140K acres of public land designated for OHV use in Johnson Valley, CA for the purpose of expanding the 29 Palms Marine base. Expanding the world’s largest Marine base will cost tax payers millions and the Marines have publicly stated the land is only needed 2 months a year. Economic reports show neighboring communities and small businesses could lose $100 Million annually due to base expansion. The Marines current expansion plan is unnecessary and fiscally irresponsible. We request our government encourage the Marines to work with the public and obtain permits from the BLM to meet training objectives instead of closing this land to the public forever.

Click here to Sign the Petition

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Off-Roaders in Nevada now require registration

Nevada will now require all off-roaders to register and title their toys. State lawmakers say we’ve failed to capitalize on a sport that has some serious traction.

They believe the new rules not only protect taxpayers and as News 3’s Mackenzie Warren explains, will give the industry a jump-start.

It’s the “wild, wild west”—where ATVers know Nevada for its wide open desert trails. And until now, we were the only western state that didn’t make riders register or title their toys. Beginning July 1st it’ll cost $20 to register your 4-wheeler. Paul Jackson, who chairs the “Commission on Off-highway Vehicles,” says it’s a small price to protect taxpayers.

“Anytime more people come to the state and pay money that means more services are available for the same amount of taxes you’re paying,” Jackson says. The majority of the fee will trickle right back down to riders to improve trails and facilities.

Dealers, like Dan Boyle, say it’s about time. “The first thing they do is they make us equally competitive.” Boyle owns ProShop Motorsports and Marine on West Lake Mead. Outdoor toys are his bread and butter but insists this isn’t just about his bottom line.

“In the past people could leave the state, go buy a machine, not pay sales tax in the other state and not pay tax in their home state. Then, both states lose out on sales tax revenue,” explains Boyle.

So just how much money are we talking about? “In the last ten years that’s $35 million the state of Nevada has lost,” he says. But it’s not just the dealers and the state who stand to gain but the owners. For the first time ever, when you buy an off road vehicle in Nevada you’ll now have theft protection—by giving law enforcement a paper trail to track stolen ATV’s.

“They’re as expensive as small cars and you have no protection if it’s not titled. It’s like your lawn mower. Someone can steal it, take it, and there is no registration and no history.” Boyle knows his customers tend to be suspicious of Uncle Sam. “You don’t like the government until somebody steals your ATV and then you want help.” Now, the idea is these new regulations will help steer our state in the right direction.

Source: My News 3

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