Bitter Springs 11/9/13 Club Ride

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Bitter Springs  11/9/13 Club Ride

Saturday’s ride – 50 miles. Led by Ray Christina(Co-Pilot Capt. Bob). Tail Gunner Mike Ardoin. What a great day for a trail ride. We had 13 machines & 16 members that showed up for the ride(9 SXS & 4 ATV’S). We started down the dirt road for about 5 miles & stopped to make sure everybody was good to go. We headed down one of the roughest section of the trail through Buffington Pockets. We made it to a y-in trail & stayed to the left. We made it to our first stop where they had a doorway to a old hut carved in the hill & a mine a little further down. We all had some scooby snacks.

After break, we headed to trail where we turned around & had lunch. You had to be street legal past this area. Lonnie busted out some more of his smoked salmon, & it was very good. After our lunch break, we made our way back to the other section of our loop & one member had a mechanical problem. Lonnie ended up towing him where we could get his truck to load it up. Mike had the other members follow him back to staging area. We had a good close ride from Las Vegas.


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