Searchlight Anniversary one day ride October 2017
Ride leader Roger Walkemeyer mid Gunner Phil Sherman tail gunner Lonnie Smith.
* Friday night there were seven campers to spend the night and be prepared for early morning
ride and breakfast.
* Around 7am people started showing up and unloading, eating cookies and baked goods.
Shooting the breeze, meeting new friends, socializing. Getting ready to rock and roll.
* 8:30 we started getting people lined up and ready to go. It was getting crowded, that’s a
good thing, lots of people came.
* 8:45 we had the safety briefing. At nine am everybody got into their Rigs. 28 rigs all lined
up ready to go. Quite a turn out.
We headed down the trail towards our first main turn going across a dry cattle watering pond
then up a canyon and the side of a valley to a big Lookout Point where you could see for miles
in every direction. At this point our valet parking skills that had been acquired over the years
came in handy as we helped everybody find a place to park. We started drawing poker run
cards and getting everybody turned around to get down from the mountain and head for our
next stop at the Corral.
We headed down some rocky trails to a Powerline Road and then got off the power line and
started some Ridge and wash riding. The group got separated one time and we had to do a
little searching and waiting for everybody to catch up and get back together. We got to the
Corral and took a break, checked out the old corral, talked to the cows and took the group
picture. Then we loaded up and headed for the next stop at the top of one of the many
mountains nearby.
We headed back to the Powerline Road and took that for a mile or so then got back to ridges
and dry washes. We came to the steep Rocky low range crawl to the top that was a stretch for
a few drivers.. Everybody made it to the top. Got some pictures of the rigs coming up the hill.
We did get separated again and spent 20 minutes waiting for everybody to catch back up.
Gave the you’re responsible for the person behind you lecture again and took a bunch of
pictures and headed down the mountain. We went down to the power line and took a shortcut
across a valley and headed back to camp.
Got separated again, gave the stay close to the person in front of you & don’t lose the person
behind you speech again. The system worked. We didn’t lose anybody. We got to ride over
trails that most of us had never travelled before. There were very diverse and sometimes
challenging types of terrain with a lot of interesting photo viewpoints in a short period of
time. We got back to camp a little after 1 pm. and cleaned up for the barbeque and party.
P.S. Saturday, 5 families stayed overnight and 4 did a night ride.
Report By:
Roger Walkemeyer

2017 Searchlight Anniversary BBQ Report.
By: Roger Walkemeyer
We got back to the camp from the ride a little after 1 pm.
Our intrepid social directors Kathy Poncracz and Susan Allen rounded up the volunteers and everyone
pitched in to get the carpets down, raise the pop up tents, set up the tables, chairs, barbeques, ice chests,
and all the necessary paraphernalia for our party. Amazing!
Grill Operators: Marinated chicken by Kathy.
Hamburgers and hot dogs by ————
Beer marinated Brats by Roger
Thanks to Everyone: Every kind of salad you could think of, Macaroni Salads, Potato salads, a couple of “I
don’t know the name of” salads (but they were good), side dishes, pumpkin and apple–carmel pies, rolls,
The winner of the poker run was: —-
The winner of the 50 – 50 Raffle was: $ 61 Roger (yea)
After everyone got their feed bags on and finished devouring the feast Susan started the “empty box” raffle
The winners got gift cards from Carter Powersports, and gloves donated by –
Got some great pictures of the group, about 42 to 48 depending on who you ask. We couldn’t get people to
stay still long enough to get a good count. But that is a good thing. Everybody was moving around
socializing. Perfect! What a great bunch of people.
Everyone helped with the cleanup, took the pop-ups and tables down, and got everything put away. Thank
you everyone!
Roger Walkemeyer

Average speed: 16.04 mi/h
Total Time: 04:33:24