Frequently Asked Questions

When and where does the club meet?

The club meets at 7:00 pm on the second Thursday of each month except December at Memphis Championship BBQ 2250 E. Warm Springs Road Las Vegas, NV 89119.

I just bought a Side by Side. Are they allowed in the club?

Definitely!!  Recently, Side by Sides like Polaris RZR, and Yamaha Rhinos have become the more popular ATV for our rides. The ability to bring 2 to 4 family members to a ride to share the adventure makes them more attractive.  The added cage for safety, and comfort of ride are also big selling points for Side by Sides.

Where does the club ride?

The club schedules a ride in the local Las Vegas area each month, and a second ride each month in Utah, California, Arizona or central Nevada. The rides include a variety of terrain – mountains, deserts and sand dunes. We have visited over 40 different areas to ride.

Who leads the club ride?

The club is fortunate to have several experienced members to lead rides. These trip leaders plan and lead the ride, then write an article about it afterward for the newsletter. If you are interested in becoming a trip leader, contact the clubs Trailmaster.

How long are the rides?

Trail rides are all day affairs. Unless specifically noted otherwise, all rides leave camp at 9am. The longest rides will cover about 100 miles per day, but many are 60-80 miles long. The local rides are generally even shorter. The number of miles we travel and the length of time we spend riding depend upon the difficulty of the route, the number and length of breaks, and the skill level of the riders.

Do I need a camper to participate in the weekend rides?

Once a month the club travels to a location to ride both Saturday and Sunday. Since these locations are generally a three hour drive from Las Vegas, most members camp overnight at the trailhead. Some members have campers, RVs, or trailers, while others set up tents. Many of the locations are near enough to a town that staying in a motel is another option.

Can new ATV riders go on the rides?

Most of the day rides near Las Vegas are suitable for beginning riders. These rides are held once a month. The weekend rides are generally longer and more difficult. It is best to check with the trip leader about these rides before planning to attend. Those members who are inexperienced should let the trip leader know before the ride begins. They should also ride right behind the trip leader, so that the leader can set a pace that is comfortable. The first and foremost rule is to never do something which you don’t really want to do. Other members are happy to help guide you over obstacles or take your ATV through any problem areas. Please stop and ask for help!

Dunes or Trails?

As our name implies, we schedule trips for both trail riders and dune lovers. There are some members who don’t have machines suitable for the sand, so whenever the club goes to the dunes, we also have a ride which goes away from the sand out onto trails. Other members prefer to stay and play on the dunes. The club visits Dumont, Amargosa, Coral Pink, and Hurricane Dunes.

Is riding at night dangerous?

During the summer, at least two of the local rides are held at night. It’s a wonderful way to beat the heat. Even when the temperature tops 100 degrees during the day, as soon as the sun sets and your quad starts moving, it is very pleasant to be out on the trails. In some respects riding at night is easier than during the day since there is no scenery to distract from the riding. The route is clearly visible with the ATV lights. Additionally, routes are chosen which are easier than ones which would be ridden during daylight.

What kind of ATV's do club members ride?

Both sport and utility ATVs are represented. Many members have machines suitable for awesome rides on the dunes. Even more have 2 and 4 wheel drive ATVs which shine on the trails. A few have ATVs for both kinds of riding. The club rides are generally easy enough so that 4 wheel drive is not necessary. On a ride line-up there may be everything from Raptors to Honda 300s to Polaris 800s. Side -by-sides are fine for most locations.

How do I prepare for a club ride?

It is important to have your ATV in good repair before leaving on a ride. Several days before each ride, give your machine a thorough check. Look for low tires and loose bolts. Make sure the air and oil filters are clean and that the head and tail lights work. Fill your quad and extra gas cans with gas and fix any problems that you detect. Checking your ATV well in advance will give you time to make any needed repairs and perform routine preventative maintenance. Assemble the items you will need to take on the ride. These include plenty of water, tools to fix your ATV if needed, a first aid kit, a good tire plug kit, and an air compressor. Because weather is always unpredictable, a jacket and rain gear should always be carried. Add your lunch and sodas just before leaving for the ride. Please arrive early enough at the trailhead to unload your ATV and to be ready to ride at the appointed time.

Am I required to wear a helmet or other protective gear while participating in a club ride?

The club does require you to wear a helmet. Goggles, gloves or riding boots, however all are strongly recommended.

I'm just getting started riding, can the club recommend anything that will help me improve my skills?

Many members have taken a free ATV safety course. The course covers a wide variety of riding situations and can be a valuable experience even for seasoned riders. You should also review the club ride guidelines.


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